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whats your opinion on guys who criticize women for the same shit they do



I’ve been talking to my friends about this a lot as of late. 

My friend has always had the mentality that if he could have sexual intercourse with a young woman through a short amount of time even after letting her know that he isn’t looking for a relationship, that they’re somewhat of a hoe. Now, hear me out lol.. Not necessarily a hoe, but that’s the terminology that is used in this case.

He say’s that if they lack respect for themselves then why should he respect them? Also, he has come to the shocking conclusion that when he “disrespects” them, they want him even more, and I as a witness can vouch for him.

Now I brought to his attention that it takes two to tango. I said to him that although she may be having sex with you the first time she meets you, or the second, or perhaps the 3rd doesn’t mean she’s a hoe. Y’know why? Because you’re also agreeing to have sex with her so how does that exclude you from being a hoe if she’s a hoe?

Now when I said this to him he literally said, “Hmm, I never thought about it that way.” I was shocked. It took me a while to realize that too though. I wouldn’t think they were hoes, but I would think they lacked respect for themselves or that they weren’t conservative enough for me. However, some people simply just like to have sex and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re safe about it and get checked out regularly.

Just because someone enjoys having sex, even with multiple partners, I don’t think that makes them a hoe or a slut or anything. Now when you bring relationships and being committed to one another and marriage and alladat stuff into play, that’s when you need to realize that, that aspect of life is reserved for one other person that you choose to be with. If you’re still fucking other bitches/niggas when you’re in a relationship? Now you’re a hoe… If you fucking ya mans best friend? You a hoe. If you getting mopped by ya girls cousin, you a hoe. If you fucking as a means of revenge of some sort, you a hoe.

So when a guy bashes a chick for doing the same dirt he does, he’s clearly a fuck nigga… Same thing for women… It goes hand in hand really… 

Those the typa niggas/bitches that you don’t associate yourself with because they don’t know what the fuck is actually going on.




Do you ever just crave someone’s presence? like you would literally be happy just sitting next to them & it could be completely silent.
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the north american education system

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